Customer Thinking

Drives Business Growth

We are a Customer Thinking consultancy.

We develop and embed deep customer understanding to create and realise business growth.

We translate Customer Thinking into Customer Action.

Customer Thinking

Customer Thinking is a frame of mind, it’s about organising so that you develop a deep understanding of what makes customers tick and using that empathy to drive business growth.
We look at what you know already, fill the gaps and join the dots so you understand what really matters to customers and why.
Customer Thinking energises customer engagement, provides focus to current activities and helps you make better strategic and day to day decisions.
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What we do

Customer Understanding

We explore existing knowledge and establish a deep customer dialogue. We use insight to bring the customer to life and lay the foundations for developing shared customer value.

Customer Thinking

We place the customer at the heart of your strategy to co-create shared value and deliver commercial impact.

Energising the organisation around the customer leads to transformational thinking.

Taking Action

Once the thinking is clear it’s time to take action.

We provide the forward path to prioritise, organise and deliver ensuring your growth opportunities are realised.

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Serious work for serious clients

We have great experience with start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators too.

Some of our work

Trend Micro

Home Halo

Vodafone MNC


Challenger Bank


Our clients speak for themselves

“This is the best new business proposal Vodafone have ever seen”
Vodafone Group Finance Director

“The main reason that we would choose them as a strategic partner is their pragmatic and innovative ways of working to achieve outcomes that can be acted upon. Their recommendations are always clear, concise and actionable and this has enabled us to move our business forward at a significant pace”
Aldermore Marketing Director

Curiosity really understands what makes businesses tick – how they think and what they need. Their research is always first class and they bring experience and intellect to business challenges to generate actionable outcomes. I would recommend Beyond Curiosity to any company that really wants to understand its customers.”
Vodafone Head of Insight

“They are truly a pleasure to work with”
MasterCard Head of SME

“Fantastic piece of work. Really insightful and significant detail”
Northgate Head of Marketing

About us

We are enthusuiasts for customers. We love talking to customers and uncovering their stories.

Nothing beats the excitement of finding hidden treasure in a customer story that unlocks growth in a client’s business.

We've built our business through recommendation. 20 years of experience means:

We listen to you carefully and ‘get it’ quickly – we’ve sat where you sit

We tailor our approach to your budget and timescale

We have a fresh unbiased perspective – we build on what you know and challenge where necessary

We make it easy – we know what works, we are proactive, we solve problems

We are focused on the goal – we consider what insight means strategically and practically

We bring the customer to life – we build rapport, they talk to us and we find the truths that matter

We have business nous – to drive action from insight​