Home Halo

Internet Family Protection Start-up

Prior to launch, HomeHalo, a start-up family internet protection solution needed verification that it would meet the expected customer need, and to provide confidence to investors.

We ran a series of group discussions with parents to explore their experiences, fears with internet use and requirements from the solution. Further discussions focused on usability, form factor, communications and brand identity. Once this understanding had been incorporated into the client’s thinking a quantitative study confirmed the target segmentation, preference for channel and likely scale of demand with various price points and charging structures.

Our work involved:

  • Group Discussion
  • Quantitative research
  • Proposition development
  • Communications development

Our work delivered:

The initial work confirmed the opportunity was real but reframed the client understanding of customer need leading to substantial changes in communication, form factor, and branding.

Further work confirmed the business strategy for channel and pricing and informed the scale of opportunity ensuring investor were comfortable to proceed.

The solution launched successfully with direct and Amazon sales in the UK and US.