Small Business Payments Pipeline of Innovation

MasterCard recognised that new entrants and technologies were rapidly changing the pace of innovation and competition. We were asked to work with small businesses to create and prioritise a series of innovations that would keep MasterCard ahead.

Initially we visited small businesses at their place of work to get a detailed understanding of the context, accompanied by members of the MasterCard team. This brought the customers to life and was excellent grounding.

It became apparent that credit cards were underutilised as a business payment vehicle and that there was potential to integrate with digital payment mechanisms. There was something fundamentally wrong with the positioning of credit cards for business as a cash flow solution when a much more positive positioning was around seizing opportunities.

Our work involved:

  • Immersion visits
  • Co-creation
  • Proposition development
  • Brand development

Our Work Delivered:

Co-creation work explored a series of capabilities that MasterCard thought had potential and developed a short list which contained a number of highly original and differentiating ideas.

The next stage of work refined these into rounded propositions and established prioritisation. The customer dialogue also made it apparent that MasterCard should further develop their overarching Small Business proposition in line with their undoubtedly strong brand and we were able to make detailed recommendations