Trend Micro

Technology Vendor Proposition Development and Sales Engagement

Trend Micro had developed the globally most sophisticated and effective data protection capability for business servers but it was not selling well. We were asked to find out why.

We ran an initial online survey among existing customers of the technology and then selected customers to contact by telephone for a deep and open peer level conversation. This identified issues with support and training impeding effective use of the full capabilities. This led to a series of events bringing together the client technologists, resellers and customers.

Our work involved:

  • Telephone research
  • Co-creation events
  • Proposition development
  • Sales and service engagement strategy

Our work delivered:

The core issue was that resellers did not understand the technology, so were afraid to sell it and unable to provide effective customer training and support. Even the client’s own marketing communications were too complex for end customers – themselves CIOs and technologists – to understand. We enabled effective sales and service training and marketing, leading to greatly improved sales and customer satisfaction.

We subsequently worked with the client to create communication, training frameworks and white papers and participated in reseller training events.