Vodafone MNC

MNC Sales Engagement with Vodafone

Major global clients, including the largest companies in the world were dissatisfied and the salesforce were under price pressure. We were asked to talk to decision makers to identify pricing strategies and technology developments.

We initiated a series of customer listening events held in 6 countries which comprised round table discussions (with the client out of the room) and one to one meetings both face to face and on the telephone.

Our work involved:

  • Senior decision maker peer interviews
  • Senior level group discussion
  • Sales engagement strategy

Our Work Delivered:

These open conversations at a peer level with senior purchasing and business leaders identified a surprising truth.

Customers were dissatisfied because they were being sold the clients products – rather than business solutions. They expected a strategic relationship from such a key global supplier, working jointly over the long term to create value for both the customer and the client.

This truth led to the establishment of a global business unit with the aim of growing strategic partnerships. This transformed the relationships and became the fastest growing and most profitable business unit encompassing 1400 of the world’s largest companies, including 70% of the Fortune 500, in 200 countries.